GMP 011: Ten Tips On How To Meal Plan, Save Money & Eat Healthy

How To Meal Plan, Save Money & Eat Healthy

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Today on the show we have the lovely Getty Stewart!

One of our counseling dietitians at A Little Nutrition, Nita Sharda of Carrots & Cake told me that I need to get Getty on the show. After a few months of stalking her, I got the courage to connect with her and see if she would come on the show. Thankfully, Getty said yes, and I am pleased to have her here today. Getty Stewart is a Professional Home Economist who shares tasty recipes and home cooking skills through workshops, TV appearances and her food blog She's a cookbook author, founder of Fruit Share, mom and avid veggie gardener. Getty wrote a blog post on:

How to Meal Plan to Save Money and Eat Healthy

And today she will share some of her favorite tips and practices for meal planning that will help you stick to your budget, but also eat healthy! Today we talk about her Top 10 TIPS TO CREATE A MEAL PLAN
  1. Make Time to Plan
  2. Take Inventory
  3. Check Everyone’s Calendar
  4. Choose Seasonal Foods
  5. Plan with Healthy Eating in Mind
  6. Focus on “TnT” Recipes
  7. Involve Your Family
  8. Consider Theme Nights
  9. Plan to Cook Once and Eat Twice
  10. Keep & Reuse Your Meal Plans
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